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Over the years, kitchens have seen massive transformations. Within the last 150 years alone, we have witnessed the transformation of wood burning stoves to electric stoves and ice boxes to the smart fridge. The concept of cooking has gone from a hard, all-day task, to a quick and pleasurable experience with the help of modern technology. With all the incredible metamorphosis which have occurred in kitchen appliances, it is hard to fathom how things could become any more sophisticated. However, a revolutionary cooktop is on the horizon and thanks to BORA, the concept of cooking has been taken to a totally new level.

First patented in 2006 by Willi Bruckbauer, the BORA Professional cooktop was the first in a line of exquisite cooktops to come from this Austrian company. With over 20 years of experience in kitchen design, Bruckbauer had a good grasp of what people desired from the kitchen area. Thus, the vision behind this new line of kitchenware was quite obvious: The kitchen is the most important room in the house; therefore, make it attractive!

This is one of the primary reasons why Bruckbauer’s first BORA cooktop eliminatinated a common eyesore, known as the extractor hood. According to BORA, “Extractor hoods are simply not part of this picture: they are loud, ineffective and visibly intrusive. They also restrict the possibilities when designing a kitchen.” Because of this, Bruckbauer’s goal was to create an effective vapor extraction system that allowed the cooktop to be aesthetically pleasing, yet still maintain the highest standard in performance and technology.

Through careful development and experimentation, the BORA Professional was designed with the ability to extract vapours through fluid mechanics which simply uses a cross flow greater than the rising speed of the cooking vapour. This concept is called a downward draft.  Downdraft range hoods reverse the direction of rising smoke and fumes to a downward direction. The motor for a downdraft range hood is built into the base cabinet and vented to the outside via metal ducts. This allows for the cooking vapours and odours to be extracted directly from their source: the cooktop and all pots, pans, grills and fryers.  While many downdraft range hoods are installed behind a cooktop, Bruckbauer’s cooktop sucks all vapours into the cooktop, allowing for an even more sophisticated design which provides homeowners with cleaner and fresher air.

Upon completion of the BORA Professional, development soon began on additions such as BORA Professional Gas Cooktop and a Tepan Stainless Steel Grill in 2008. While the company only started with 1 employee, the next 10 years brought great expansion and reward for BORA. Now employing over 200 people, BORA has not only expanded to serve over 58 countries around the world, but has also been awarded many prestigious honors such as the Plus X Award, The ICONIC Award, the German Design Award and the German Brand Award. They have continued to perfect their line of stovetops by upgrading the Bora Professional with new enhanced features.

Presently, Bora offers 3 basic options for stovetop installments: The BORA Basic, BORA Classic and BORA Professional. Although all BORA products are premium-quality systems which are extremely quiet, energy efficient and easy to clean, each stove-top provides cooks with a unique experience which will make meal preparation even more enjoyable.

While BORA is a leading name in exclusive kitchen cooktops, their fame does not stop there. BORA has taken dining to new heights with their Revolution Tours. Utilizing a converted lorry – which acts as a kitchen, dining room and event location – guests are hoisted 30 meters into the air in carefully selected cities. The concept is to allow diners to enjoy healthy cuisine while taking in breathtaking, panoramic views. Each tour is catered by a BORA Chef who prepares food on a BORA cooktop. The experience is truly remarkable and allows viewers to truly take in a city while indulging in delectable cuisine.

Whether providing amazing tours or producing top of the line cooktops, BORA always strives to create something out of the ordinary. Adhering to their motto: “To be progressive, you must be open-minded, inquisitive and question the norm,” BORA continues to take their concept of the kitchen and eating experiences to new and exceptional levels.

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