Designed and manufactured by top British & German brands, Kesseler & Nolte.

From 1958 until the present day, Nolte has always kept up with the times, providing state of the art design concepts. Among their many offerings, you will find an array of designs for your cabinet fronts, handles and knobs, worktops, cabinet interior, and recessed panelling. Nolte even offers unique styling opportunities in the form of interior organisation accessories, storage lighting, and uniquely designed storage spaces. As Nolte puts it, “Our kitchens are as individual as their owners. Here, you will find your dream kitchen: suiting the room, suiting your budget, and completely tailored to your taste and personal requirements.”

A family business, born in the heart of Nottinghamshire in 2009, Kesseler was created and inspired to do great things, for great clients. German and European-inspired design aesthetic but with that unmistakable English spirit. Industry-leading and innovative from the start, Kesseler combine quality British craftsmanship with state-of-the-art processes, machinery and precision engineering. A Kesseler kitchen is emotive, beautiful and deeply alluring. It is the detail which reveals the soul of the brand, such as the patented construction or the interior and trim finish from our master craftsmen – see a Kesseler and you’ll appreciate the difference. Here you will find some examples of stunning modern kitchen designs with stylish, minimal features.