Nolte Kitchens LogoWhen envisioning their ideal kitchen, everyone has a different concept. While some lean more in the direction of traditional or country-style with soft colours and timeless accessories, others prefer a more modern and “daring” approach with clean lines and minimalist attributes. Because of the vast array of designs, Nolte Kitchen strives to be a kitchen design company that delivers equipment that meets anyone’s individualistic expectations.

Present-day Nolte Kitchen (properly known as Nolte Küchen) was founded in 1958 in Germany; however, it’s beginnings stretch back to 1923. At this time, founder Georg Nolte laid the cornerstone for a furniture dynasty with the production of polishing discs. By the 1930s, the company decided to switch to constructing furniture after taking over a small furniture factory in Delbruck. The expansion of the family-owned Nolte company was set in place at this time. Within 20 years, the company saw great success resulting in George Nolte’s son, Konrad, establishing a production factory in 1955 followed by Nolte Kitchen in 1958. 

From 1958 until the present day, Nolte has always kept up with the times, providing state of the art design concepts. Among their many offerings, you will find an array of designs for your cabinet fronts, handles and knobs, worktops, cabinet interior, and recessed panelling. Nolte even offers unique styling opportunities in the form of interior organisation accessories, storage lighting, and uniquely designed storage spaces. As Nolte puts it, “Our kitchens are as individual as their owners. Here, you will find your dream kitchen: suiting the room, suiting your budget, and completely tailored to your taste and personal requirements.”

Nolte is known explicitly for five versatile designs that offer homeowners the opportunity to pick and choose all elements of their dream kitchen: Modern, Timeless, New Classic, Country, and Nolte Neo. While these specific design genres have particular features associated with them, Nolte’s versatility does not create concrete boundaries in which you must confine your creativity. Because every facet of a Nolte Kitchen is explicitly tailored to the desires of the homeowner, your ability to mix and match stylistic features is genuinely left to your partiality. 

While Nolte is known for its designs from a visual perspective, they aspire to design kitchen elements that work together cohesively to create a highly functional and efficient kitchen, thus making life easier for homeowners. As a whole, their goal is to furnish individuals with elements that provide quality and functionality. One of the facets Nolte prides itself on is the hardware and structure of each component. Units are created with rubber sealed edges that close tightly, meaning dust has difficulty finding its way into your cabinets. Hinges, drawers, and pull-outs are fitted with integrated soft-closing capabilities, leaving them to shut gently and silently, even if closed with force. Additionally, every unit of a Nolte Kitchen firmly stands on very strong adjustable plinth legs that help compensate for any unevenness in the floor.  

Nolte is dedicated to providing its customers with top-quality kitchen equipment; however, this is not at the expense of natural resources. Keeping the air and water clean and promoting sustainability are three pillars for responsible, ecological actions that have been deeply rooted in Nolte Kitchen for years. During production, for example, state-of-the-art filter systems facilitate manufacturing without harmful substances. Furthermore, all packaging is made from environmentally friendly materials that can be recycled. And as there are things that are more important than a kitchen, Nolte also exclusively supports sustainable forestry: their wood is procured under fair conditions. Fair towards the people involved, fair towards nature. This way, forests retain their characteristics that deserve protection. Plantations for which areas of natural forest have been sacrificed (after 1994) are off-limits. So are genetically modified farming or illegal use of forests. This commitment has been officially acknowledged as Nolte is one of the first kitchen manufacturers accredited by the PEFC and FSC Forestry Commissions for their commitment to using only sustainable wood resources.

Whether you are looking to upgrade a few facets of your existing kitchen, or are plunging into an entire remodel or construction, Nolte guarantees their service to be accommodating and their products to be of the utmost standards. With Nolte, you will soon have a kitchen that goes above and beyond anything you could have possibly imagined.

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